Concerto Competition ‘theodor leschetizky’


Founded in 1942 by pupils of renowned Vienna pedagogue Theodor Leschetizky, THE LESCHETIZKY ASSOCIATION promotes his ideals of pianism and teaching by providing performing opportunities for pianists of all ages in venues ranging from concert halls to private salons. Since 2003 the Association has sponsored the biennial Concerto Competition ‘Theodor Leschetizky’ for Gifted Young Pianists, in collaboration with Camerata New York, Richard Owen, Jr., conductor.  The winner’s concert takes place at Merkin Hall, New York City.

Open normally to students 17 and younger at the time of the competition, but because of the delayed scheduling caused by the Covid-19 situation, in 2022 open to students 18 and younger, this international competition is a wonderful opportunity for young pianists. The first prize winner, in addition to a $1,000 cash prize, receives a performance with orchestra of the full concerto. The second prize winner receives $500, and additional prizes and performance opportunities may be awarded at the discretion of the judges.

The next competition will take place in the spring of 2022.  Please check here for details/dates, and please note our expanded list of eligible concerti. The semi-finals, finals, rehearsals with orchestra, and winner’s performance all take place across four days, Saturday through Tuesday, so that entrants from out of town or out of the country may participate more conveniently. 

An album of piano solos by Theodor Leschetizky is available to purchase  by mail at  No purchase is required for competition entry.  Leschetizky solos are available from other publishers, and from libraries. 

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For more information about The Leschetizky Association and its activities, please visit


for gifted young pianists

Eligible Concerti:

J. S. Bach - Concerto in D minor
Mozart - All solo concerti
Beethoven - Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Chopin - Nos. 1, 2
Mendelssohn - Nos. 1, 2
Saint-Saëns - Concerto No. 2
Schumann - Concerto in A minor
Grieg - Concerto in A minor

Repertoire Requirements:


  1. Specific links to three YouTube performances (three contrasting style periods)

  2. OR

  3. CD or DVD recording containing three contrasting pieces (contrasting style periods)

  4. you may submit a portion of your concerto if you wish, as one of the three selections

Semi-finals and Finals:

  1. Live performance of portions of the full concerto from above list, with 2nd piano accompaniment (you must arrange in advance for an accompanist)

  2. Any solo piece by Theodor Leschetizky